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Last update: 16-Nov-2021


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Welcome to our new national delegates from Italy and Luxembourg, Flavio Riccitelli and Andrée Trommer-Schiltz respectively.



The FIP Board has regular meetings with Commission Chairmen and Secretaries.  One matter raised has been the different wording used in the Guidelines for definitions of the same matter e.g. for Treatment, Rarity etc.  A working group was set up to align the Guidelines across the different classes.

At the meeting at PRAGA in August 2018, it was pointed out that there were three sets of requirements: GREV (setting out the principles for exhibiting and judging), the SREV (providing more detail and specific to each class) and the Guidelines (explaining in detail how the SREVs are to be applied/interpreted).  Why do we need three documents – why not combine the SREV and Guidelines?

It was agreed that amended Guidelines (to include the contents of the SREV) should be prepared by each Commission with a target date of early December 2018.  For Aerophilately the New Guidelines were approved at the Aerophilately Commission meeting on 1 December 2018 and submitted to the FIP Board.  These New Guidelines were approved by the FIP Board on 28 August 2019 but for technical reasons, the Board has deferred their ratification to the FIP Congress to be held in Jakarta in August 2020.

It is recommended that for judging and exhibit education the New Aerophilately Guidelines be used.  I am sure you will find these much easier to use and understand.

Norman Banfield

Acting Chairman

FIP Aerophilately Commission.

Aeropex 2019 Results


Welcome to David Lu from China, who has been appointed to the Bureau as the delegate for FIAP.


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