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Last update: 06 January, 2020

Exhibit Titles

Below is a selection of "Titles" from recent FIP  exhibitions

Aerophilately of Cuba 1914-1931 Imperial Airways Limited Romania - Air Mail 1923-1946
Airmail Service to and from Ireland 1911-1935 Indian Internal Airmails 1911-1938 South African Airmails
Airmails of Western Australia 1919-1936 Irish Uniform Airmail Rates Souvenir du Siege de Paris 1870-1871
Argentina Air Mail & Its Pioneers 1912-1950 Irish Transatlantic Pioneer Airmails The Development of Airmails in British Africa
Australian Airmail. the  First Twenty Years 1914-1934 Italian Aerophilately Trinidad Tobago First Flights
Canadian Crash Covers 1905-1984 Italian Airmail & Italian Pilots Airmail Abroad Turkey by Air
Catapulted Flights Korea Airmails Stamps Uruguayan Air Mail 1910-1930
China Airmails 1920-1949 La Ligne d' Indochine Usage of the 1928 U.S. Beacon Airmail
Courrier Sud La Poste aerienne Suisse Variations on German Aerophilately 1888-1938
First Asian Airmail Stamp - India 1929 Nicaragua - Airmail (The Early Years) Zeppelin Contract Mail 1932
Flying Boats Over the Pacific Post Aerienne 1910-1940 Par Avion Zeppelin Mail to &from Greece



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