Last update:: 14-Oct-2018

FIP Aerophilately Commission


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Beginners' Pages

1. What is Aerophilately

2. Titles of exhibits

3. Exemplary Plans and Exhibits

4. Appropriate Philatelic Items

5. FAQs for beginners



1. Chairman's chatter

         a) Past chatter


2. FIP

         a) SREVs

         b) Guidelines

         c) GREV

         d) One-frame


3. Exhibiting

a) Title Page

b) Treatment

c) Philatelic importance

d) Knowledge

e) Personal study & research

 f) Condition

 g) Rarity

 h) Presentation

4 Aerophilatelic Societies


5. Exhibitions

a) Calendar

b) Results


6. Articles

7. Cover of the Month

8. Past Covers of the Month

9. Literature



FIP Commission:

1. Bureau

2. National Delegates' Contact Details

3. Meetings

4. Seminar Papers